Cryptocurrency and its Real Value

The past couple of years cryptocurrency valuations and offerings have skyrocketed, but the question is it worth it. I am personally still struggling in seeing how all the different cryptocurrencies will be successful or if any at all.

As we look at the evolution of cryptocurrencies, originally a lot of the usage was for not so legal business activities and from there it moved into helping individuals protect assets in countries with challenging currencies. Now it has become a trendy and exciting for people to invest/diversify their assets, but a lot of it is irrational.

The overall concept of a currency that is not controlled by any country is intriguing, but has many flaws as countries are and will continue to try and regulate the usage. We are already seeing many that are banning it and others that are trying to build their own digital currency including the United States.

I believe that most of the cryptocurrencies will not be successful in the future and that the few will remain operational will be for individuals trying to protect and diversify their assets.